King Salman Center provides more aid to Yemen           King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Activities has distributed 2000 food parcels on displaced people in Joba District, Mareb.

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Yemeni citizens' situations in UAE discussed           Yemen's Ambassador to the UAE Fahd al-Minhali has discussed with the Commander of Abu Dhabi Emirate's Police General Mohammad al-Rumaithi cooperation between the two countries.

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War was not choice of Yemeni government, FM tells British MP Vaz           Foreign Minister Abdul-Malik al-Mekhlafi told the British MP Keith Vazthat the ongoing conflict "was not the choice of the government but imposed by the rebels who sabotaged the political process, invaded cities, killed and displaced thousands of people, and rounded up thousands others to jails."

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FM demnds int'l community to take serious stance against coupists           The Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Abdul-Malik al-Mekhlafi has demanded the international community to take a more serious stance and utter a clear condemnation of the criminal Houthi coupists.

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Memo of Understanding between Petromasila and General Electric
   A memorandum of understanding signed Tuesday in Dubai between Petromasila Company and Baker Houghes General Electric Company.
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Donor Coordination Group for Yemen to convene in New York           The Donor Coordination Group on the humanitarian side of the Republic of Yemen will hold its 2nd meeting in New York City on Monday on the sidelines of the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly.

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UAE Red Crescent ” Sign a Convention on Implementation the Water Project Network in Al-ausbah and Asom directorate in Hadhramaut
UAE Red Crescent signed a implementation Convention of Al-ausbah and Asom water project network in Al-somme directorate- Hadramout, Yemen
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PM, al-Mahrah Governor discuss preparations for investment conference           Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Daghar on Thursday discussed with al-Mahrah Governor ongoing preparations for the first investment conference in al-Mahrah which is scheduled to be held in the middle of October.

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Wed and UAE Red Crescent’s Campaign in Mukalla Organized Art Celebration of Independence Day and National Day of the UAE
Wed media Campaign, and Red Crescent ceremony of the art review on the occasion of the celebration of our country Independence national day and the National Day of the UAE, yesterday in the city of Al-Mukalla, capital of Hadhramaut province .
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The UAE Red Crescent, Opening the Meeting Hall, Health Facilities, in Tarim Secondary School in Hadramout after Rehabilitation.
The UAE Red Crescent authority opened today a meetings hall and health facilities in Tarim secondary school for girls in Hadhramaut after maintenance and rehabilitation it to provide it with necessary furniture for the continuation support provided by the UAE for the rehabilitation of vital sectors in Yemen, which is destroyed by the war in forefront the education sector.
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Minister of Culture, GAA discuss re-importing of smuggled relics           Minister of Culture Marwan Dammaj and the chief of the General Authority for Antiquities (GAA) addressed in a meeting on Monday the arrangements for re-importing some relics that had been illegally smuggled out of Yemen but seized by the Swiss Authorities in 2013.

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ERC opens school in Hadhramaut
          The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, today opened the Shu'abat School in Adh Dhlia'ah District in Hadhramaut, Yemen, after being refurbished and equipped with the necessary furnishing, as part of the UAE's ongoing efforts to support the vital sectors in Yemen, including the education sector.

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AFC Asian Cup 2019 Qualifiers: Group F Preview
Yemen take on the Philippines in a showdown between the top two teams in Group F of the qualifying rounds for the 2019 AFC Asian Cup on Tuesday evening hoping to overcome an arduous journey and keep their bid for a first-ever appearance at the continental championships on track
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ERC opens health centre in Hadhramaut
 The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, today opened the Adh Dhlia'ah District Health Centre in Hadhramaut Governorate, in Yemen, after being refurbished and equipped with the necessary equipment, in line with the humanitarian and charitable projects adopted by the commission in liberated areas of in the country.

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Yemen delegation leaves Riyadh for Umrah Yemen football team delegation, participated in the Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22” leaved Riyadh on Friday headed by Mr Hassan Bashanfar, Vice Chairman of Yemen football federation, to King Abdul Aziz international airport in Jeddah city to go to Mecca to perform Umrah. read more
Decisive phase: Saudi history faces Yemen ambition Competitions ended today (Wednesday) of Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22” where Saudi team faces Yemen the most developed in the tournament, Saudi needs a point to qualify but Yemen looks for a history and qualify to the next round.

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scene2 from Haid Aljazeel 1/7
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scene2 from Haid Aljazeel
scene from Haid Aljazeel
KSRelief treats 740,000 cholera-infected Yemenisž           The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) spokesman Dr. Samer Al-Jelati announced that the center has successfully treated 740,000 out of the 750,000 cholera-infected Yemenis, according to Kuwait News Agency( KUNA).

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WHO: Cholera death toll in Yemen rises to 2,151ž           The death toll of the Cholera epidemic in war-ravaged Yemen has risen to 2,151 since it broke out in late April, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Saturday according to Xinhuanet.

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UN report should have been further verified, AL spokesman says          Ahmed Afeefi, the spokesman of the Arab League Secretary General, said that the UN report which blacklisted the Arab Coalition in regards to children deaths should have been further verified. The UN report issued was under the title "Children and Armed Conflict."

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OHCHR report on Yemen biased, says HR minister           Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Askar said that the OHCHR's latest report on the status of human rights in Yemen has been "biased all along to and assuming a political view that does not see the current turmoil as the consequence of takeover by outlawed forces."

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