Yemen government condemns Iran over Houthi weapon supplies
RIYADH: Yemen’s government condemned Iran for supplying the Houthis with weapons and ballistic missiles on Thursday, a day after the US said it had seized guided missile parts heading to the country.

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PM orders quick action against dengue fever spike in Taiz
Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik has ordered for quick action to be taken against the widely spreading dengue fever in the government-held city southwest of the country.

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PM: govt's top priority to renormalize situations, pay salaries
The Prime Minister DrMa'een Abdulmalik affirmed that legal demands of the civil servants, military and security personnel in the southern governorates who unfairly dismissed earlier will be addressed as it is a government's duty can't be relinquished.

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WHO support for Yemen discussed in Cairo
Minister of Public Health and Population Dr Nasser BaAum met here Sunday with Regional Director of World Health Organization (WHO Dr Ahmed al-Mandhari.

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Yemen’s government: ready to supply fuel to Houthi-controlled areas
Dubai: Yemeni government is willing to provide fuel to Houthi-controlled areas for lower prices than the ones set by the militants, Saudi state agency SPA reported on Saturday.
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UAE opens a fish landing in a Yemeni districtþ
The Emirates Red Crescent (ERC), opened a fish landing in the village of Al Jadid, Thabab District, Sunday along Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, as part of ongoing projects and activities carried out by the UAE during the 'Year of Tolerance' 2019.
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Al-Kamal, UNICEF discuss cash transfer project
Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Ibtihaj al-Kamal and the director of the UNICEF'S Emergency Cash Transfer Project Cherine Farki discussed here on Saturday the implementation of new phases of the WB-financed project.
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White House's Kushner unveils economic portion of Middle East peace plan
The White House on Saturday outlined a $50 billion Middle East economic plan that would create a global investment fund to lift the Palestinian and neighboring Arab state economies, and fund a $5 billion transportation corridor to connect the West Bank and Gaza.
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Arab women celebrated at London award show
 LONDON: Remarkable Arab women who have made a positive impact on society through their work and vision were feted at the 2019 Arab Women of the Year Awards in London on Wednesday November 27.  

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Hajj 2019: the Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah explained

All Muslims able to do so are required to make the Hajj pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in their lifetime. Hajj and the other four pillars of Islam form a foundation of life for Muslims.

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KSRelief conducts 15 projects in 13 countries during Ramadan
 RIYADH: The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) carried out 15 projects to hand out food baskets and iftar meals during Ramadan in 13 Muslim countries, at a total cost of $14 million.
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Yemeni poetry thrives despite trauma of civil war
Poets explore how the artform can unite people on different sides of conflict

A story is often told to illustrate how central poetry is to Yemeni culture: that of the visit of a famous lute player from Baghdad.

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AFC Asian Cup 2019 Qualifiers: Group F Preview
Yemen take on the Philippines in a showdown between the top two teams in Group F of the qualifying rounds for the 2019 AFC Asian Cup on Tuesday evening hoping to overcome an arduous journey and keep their bid for a first-ever appearance at the continental championships on track
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ERC opens health centre in Hadhramaut
 The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, today opened the Adh Dhlia'ah District Health Centre in Hadhramaut Governorate, in Yemen, after being refurbished and equipped with the necessary equipment, in line with the humanitarian and charitable projects adopted by the commission in liberated areas of in the country.

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Yemen delegation leaves Riyadh for Umrah Yemen football team delegation, participated in the Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22” leaved Riyadh on Friday headed by Mr Hassan Bashanfar, Vice Chairman of Yemen football federation, to King Abdul Aziz international airport in Jeddah city to go to Mecca to perform Umrah. read more
Decisive phase: Saudi history faces Yemen ambition Competitions ended today (Wednesday) of Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22” where Saudi team faces Yemen the most developed in the tournament, Saudi needs a point to qualify but Yemen looks for a history and qualify to the next round.

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scene2 from Haid Aljazeel 1/7
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scene2 from Haid Aljazeel
scene from Haid Aljazeel
Aden seaport makes remarkable progress, the highest in 8 years
          Gulf of Aden seaports has seen robust move of business in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period of last year. The activity of unloading and loading is reported to be the highest over the past 8 years.

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Balsam conducts 13 open heart surgeries in Hadhramout
          A visiting Saudi medical team has conducted 13 open heart surgeries and 80 heart catheterizations in Mukalla during their visit to the provincial capital of Hadhramout.

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Saudi team conducting treatments, surgeries for 400 heart patients in Mukalla
          A visiting Saudi medical team is now in the provincial capital of Hadhramout, Mukalla, to carry out treatments and surgeries for 400 heart patients. The executive of Al-Balsam International Organization Emad Bukhari said the organization, in cooperation with the Heart Disease Charity, is carrying out this campaign of heart surgeries and therapeutic cardiac catheterizations (Balsam2) on Yemeni patients in Dar al-Hayat Heart Center in Mukalla.

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OCHA delegation inspects IDP Camps, Centers in Marib          A delegation from the UN Office for Coordination Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) paid Wednesday inspection visits to some IDPs cams in Marib who fled their origin regions under the Houthi militia control.

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