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Yemen appeals to int'l community to act as new civilian massacre unfolds YEMEN TIMES Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Saturday 16 / Sep. / 2017           The Ministry of Human Rights has made a new appeal to the international community to "act promptly to protect the civilians by pressuring on the [Saleh-Houthi] rebel militias to stop their systematic crimes."

Cholera count reaches 500 000 in Yemen WHO Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Monday 14 / Aug. / 2017           The total number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen this year hit the half a million mark on Sunday, and nearly 2000 people have died since the outbreak began to spread rapidly at the end of April.

Cholera outbreak in Yemen: Statement of Dr. Luay Shabaneh, Arab Region UNFPA Director           Cairo, 28 May 2017 – I am deeply concerned by the confirmed news of the rise of cholera in Yemen, which comes as a possibly fatal addition to the hardships that Yemeni men and women have been facing due to the conflict, displacement and malnutrition. With some 2000 suspected cases reported daily, the recent and unprecedented cholera outbreak in Yemen threatens the lives of 1.1 million malnourished pregnant women, who need immediate care and reproductive health services. World Health Organization: 11000 suspected Cholera cases and 124 deaths in 17 governorates           According to the World Health Organization in Yemen, the number of suspected cholera cases is 11000. These suspected cases have been diagnosed with Acute Watery Diarrhea, while the number of deaths caused by Cholera is 124.
Yemen launches national immunization campaign to ward off polio           A nationwide polio immunization campaign was launched Monday by the national health authorities with support from WHO and UNICEF, aiming to immunize five million children under the age of five. High-risk groups, such as internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees are also targeted.

Yemen, UNHCR discuss support of IDPs          Minister of the Local Administration Abdul-Raqeeb Fatah discussed on Wednesday with Regional Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council the possibility of conducting a joint program in the field of shelter and reconstruction of homes of displaced families in the liberated areas.

The details of using the name of Emirates by Brotherhood in extremist activities in London           In November 25, 2013 the London-based newspaper The Daily Telegraph reported that the London-based Emirates Center for Human Rights organized two seminars in both Houses of Parliament in March and September, and called for them bodies linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas represented in the "Islamic Foundation of Cordoba," which described by British Prime Minister David Cameron as "the political facade of the Muslim Brotherhood."

AL GORAF Airport in Trim city           AL GORAF Airport is first airport runway sandy 1400-yard length, and it receives three flights a week Dakota model, it is unique way for contact outside world.

Yemen: a place of hunger and misery Hunger is the most dominant thought on Yemenis minds during this period. After months of living without their salaries, the public sector employees, the majority of employees in Yemen, are living in dire conditions. Neither the cabinet of the Internationally-recognized president Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi nor Ansar Allah and the GPC’s power-sharing government, called the Supreme Political Council, have been able to pay the monthly YER 75 Billion salaries. Most Yemeni’s are living in very difficult and miserable conditions. Jakarta Tourism Jakarta is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia and it's the largest city, and has more than ten million people. Jakarta is destination tourism in Indonesia and heading all visitors from all over the world, because it is the first stop to go for all Islands and parts of Indonesia via Jakarta international airport by modern and sophisticated network of transportation.
Istiqlal Mosque Nearly 90% of the population of the Jakarta Muslims, as known that Indonesia is the largest country in the Islamic world, and there are many houses of worship, Institutes, and Islamic schools, Also there is the biggest mosque in East Asia, called Istiqlal Mosque.
The Indonesia-Middle East Update 2016 (IMEU 2016) in the Gorontalo seeks to promote trade, investment, and tourism . An annual business and investment forum, the IMEU 2016 is jointly held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the government of Gorontalo province, in cooperation with the Indonesian missions in the Middle East countries and all missions of the Middle East countries in Jakarta.
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