Seiyun (Arabic) Mukalla (Arabic) Put here the freq. of both radio channels
Weather To know the weather in Yemen
Currency To learn the value of Yemeni Rial against foreign currencies
Telephone Code To identify the code phones in the cities of Hadhramout Governorate
Emergency No. To identify the numbers of emergency in the cities of Hadhramaut Governorate
What do you think of setting (18 years) minimum age for marriage ?

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Name Kathi May Country Germany 04/10/29 10:57:29 ’ Congratulation to the nice web site. It offers many information and give an inside view into Hadramaut. It gives the possibility to get aquainted with Hadramaut before one starts a trip, when one is on its trip or just to get information on Hadramaut and its natural richeness. Carry on like this in the futur.

Thanks alot for your nice comments We highly appreciate that please keep up contacting us

Name abd algny mhmood Country UK 21/07/29 04:20:15 „ Beautiful web and I wish for further progress and wish to have a corner to get acquainted to acquaint himself with the sons of Hadramawt on some of them in a private place, and also Carry-le there is a person respond to some questions for example, questions ratios and our thanks to you

Thanks so much for your nice letter. Your suggestion will soon be taken into consideration

Name Rick Keil Country Austria * Germany 26/06/29 10:36:24 ’ Hi there,Its my first time to visit Yemen, very cool experience for my, and thanks to Yemenia Airways delay my flights I will enjoy even more time and will have the chance to visit the old town of Sana'a tonight. Like there is the saying: in all unexpeced

Thank you so muck for your letter . We wish you would visit yemen again. By the way we're sorry for the delay.

Name gabriel lopez Country argentina - south america 26/06/29 10:36:24 ’ Beaitiful words.. I love Hadhramaut since my childhooh.. wishing know yor land... If God give me lige..Inshallah.. Salaam aleikum...

thanks a lot for your comment . we are waiting for your second visit

Name abdul Country malaysia 26/06/29 10:36:24 ’ wonderful place,good luck

Thanks alot for your comment

Name khaled Country Germany 26/06/29 10:36:24 ’ First of all i would like to thank all the work team on this web site,it is agreat day when i discover the site ,through it i can listen to Seiyun and Mukalla Radios which i was missing alot.

Thanks alot for this comment


Thank you very much

Name ajaz ahmed Country India 26/06/29 10:36:24 ’ I saw a news article about a project done by one girl from the college of Applied Science, Seiyun. That girl, I should say, is an excellent student. She happens to be my student, I taught her for some time when i as teaching the college of applied science

Thanks alot for your comment. we're so happy to know that

Name Rick Keil Country Austria * Germany 26/06/29 10:36:24 ’ Hi there,


Name Rick Keil Country Austria * Germany 26/06/29 10:36:24 ’ Hi there,
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