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Local News
Carnival festival and rhetoric rally on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the Hadhrami popular legitimate hosted in Seiyun City | Najah Mursal - Saturday 29 Dec. 2019
Seiyun City has witnessed this afternoon a rhetorical and carnival folklore and folk heritage festival on the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the Hadhrami popular org legitimate organized by the office of the Hadhramout University Conference in Valley and Desert of Hadhramout, in the presence of the leadership of the local authority in Valley and the Desert of Hadhramout with the participation of mass crowds from various cities, villages and plains of the valley and desert of Hadhramout.
Anti-Polio vaccination campaign starts tomorrow SABA News Online | Saleh Ahmed - Saturday 28 Dec. 2019
A nation-wide anti-polio immunization campaign to be launched tomorrow Sunday throughout all the Yemeni governorates.

PM urges doubling efforts to get Aden new electricity station accomplished
Prime Minister Dr. Ma'een Abdulmalik ordered accelerating pace of work on the project of Aden new electricity plant to get the power station ready to operate. The Aden new power station total capacity is 264MGW.

CBY: Peoples need to be cautious about Houthi militia's deceptive plan to snatch their own reserves
Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) has confirmed that all banknotes of the national currency of its different forms have been in circulation were officially issued in accordance with the law of the CBY no (14) of 2000 that was amended by law no (21) of 2003 are legal and binding currency, valid to be dealing with in all transactions throughout the Republic of Yemen.

Yemen willing to participate effectively in ALECSO
Yemen's Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Hussein Basalamh affirmed Yemen's willingness to participate effectively in the events of the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO).

Prime Minister directs cracking down attackers of aid agencies in Dhale'a
Prime Minister Ma'een Abdulmalik has issued directives to crack down on criminal elements, who attacked premises of relief international organizations in Dhale'a province, to bring them to justice.

Hadhramaut, a Steady Pace of Work and Sustainable Projects, According to a Comprehensive Development Vision Launched by alBahssani Leader to Advance The Governorate
Hadramout governorate is witnessing these days continuous work and giant projects that are important to the citizen and came in accordance with the comprehensive development vision launched by Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsni, governor of Hadramout Governorate, commander of the second military region to advance Hadramout in various fields and make it a role model and a tribute to all its visitors and visitors and a point of Arab and external praise.

Social Affairs Minister emphasizes need to empower Arab women in all fields
Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Dr. Ebtihaj al-Kamal, stressed the need to empower Arab women in all fields.

African Express soon to operate flights from and to Yemen: Transports Ministry
Yemen's Transports Ministry said African Express Airways is soon to start operating flights to and from Yemen through Sayoon Airport in the country's east.

Yemeni-Kuwaiti cooperation in Transport discussed
Minister of Transport Saleh al-Gabwani met here on Wednesday with Chairman of the General Administration of Kuwaiti Civil Aviation Sheikh Salman al-Hamoud al-Sobah.

Yemen PM to international community: Listen not to Houthis' words, look at their ferocious acts
Yemen's Prime Minister has called upon the international community to "not look to the Houthis' words, but to look at their ferocious acts on the ground instead."

Yemen SP, Russian parliamentarians discuss bilateral cooperation
Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament Sultan al-Barakani and a Russian parliamentary delegtion discussed today the bilateral cooperation between the legislatures of Russia and Yemen.

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