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Local News
With The Support of The UAE Graduation of The Fifth Batch of Special Task Forces in Hadramout Mukalla/ - Saturday 16 / Mar. / 2019 In the presence of the Governor of the province, Commander of the Second Military Region Maj. Gen. Faraj Salemin Al-Bahsani, and Director General of Security and Police, In the coast of Hadramout Brigadier / Munir Karama Tamimi . details
Arab Coalition Forces thwarting an Attempt to Smuggle Weapons to Tribal Elder. Shehin/ - Tuesday 12 / Mar. / 2019
Security forces were trained and supported by Arab coalition forces once again arrested a truck driven by a citizen of Omani nationality who was sent to the tribal sheikh Ali Salem al-Harizi.
UAE Red Crescent Continues Distribution of Food Aid to The People of Hajar District West of Hadhramout
The Emirates Crescent Authority continues its humanitarian efforts in delivering food aid to the people of Hajar district in Hadramout Governorate for those who suffer from very difficult economic conditions. This is in line with the year of tolerance launched by the Commission to improve their living conditions and a sense of the moral and humanitarian duty committed by the United Arab Emirates Provide humanitarian support to families in need and affected.

Al-Khanbashi convenes a meeting to address challenges facing electricity corporation
Deputy Prime Minister Dr Salim Al-Khanbashi chaired a high profile meeting Monday in the interim capital Aden included Minister of Electricity Eng. Mohammed al-Anani, Governor of Aden Ahmed Salim Rab'ea, Deputy Minister of Interior Maj. General Ali Nasser Lakhsha', General Direcotor of Electricity Corporation Eng. Abdulqader Ahmed and Director of Yemeni Oil Company Entissar al-Arashah Under-Secretary of Local Banking Operations Department in the Central Bank of Yemeni (CBY) Hussein Addahmashi.

Governor of Hadramout Discusses with The Yemeni Airlines Delegation The Coordination Aspects for Operating Flights from and to Rayyan Airport
The Governor of Hadramout, Commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Faraj Salemin Al-bahssani, received at his office in Mukalla today a delegation of the General Administration of Yemen Airlines headed by the Director of Legal Affairs, Bassam Mohammed Mahmoud.

FM: UN should speak up, promptly name the party obstructing Agreement
Yemen's Foreign Minister, the head of the governmental delegation to peace talks with Houthis, said the Unite Nations "should speak up and promptly name the party obstructing the (the implementation of) the Agreement" signed in Sweden on December 13.

Yemeni-Malysian bilateral cooperation discussed
Yemen's Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Adel Bahomeid met Thursday with Under-Secretary of Malaysian Foreign Ministry for Western Asia Fairuoz Rozali.

Al-bahsani Announces Oil Projects to be Implemented Along The Coast of Hadramout
Governor of Hadramout, Major General Faraj al-Bahsani announced the implementation of a number of projects to enhance the performance of the branch of the oil company in the province, including the construction of two reservoirs with a capacity of 23 thousand tons.

PM meets with GCC's Secretary General
Prime Minister Dr Ma'een Abdulmalik held session on Tuesday in Geneva with the Secretary General of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Dr Abdullatift Azyani.

Hadi appreciates Swedish support for peace in Yemen
President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi praised the Swedish support for achieving peace in Yemen including by way of hosting the consultations that produced the "Stockholm Agreement" between the government and Houthis last December.

Hadi stresses importance of standing to Iran's interferences
President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi stressed the importance that the EU-states of Arab League summit stands against the Iranian interferences in Arab affairs, especially in Yemen.

President Hadi arrives in Sharm El-Sheikh to participate in Arab-European Summit
President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi arrived on Saturday in the Egyptian city of Sharm El-Sheikh to contribute to First Arab European Summit.

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