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Business News
Yemen central bank ready to supply banks with foreign currency DUBAI/ - Wednesday 24 / Apr. / 2019
DUBAI: Yemen’s central bank said it is ready to supply commercial and Islamic banks with foreign currency to finance imports of goods into the country, which has been pushed to the brink of famine by a four-year war, a Yemeni news agency reported.

Coalition efforts to stabilize Yemen’s economy praised Aden/ - Thursday 11 / Apr. / 2019
Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik praised the Arab coalition countries, led by Saudi Arabia , for their help and support in efforts to stabilize his country’s currency and provide food and other basic goods.
Yemen’s PM: Government doing best to help all civilians
DUBAI: The Yemeni Prime Minister said the government is putting additional efforts to enhance the performance of state institutions, normalize the situation and start the reconstruction of the country, Saudi national news agency SPA reported Wednesday.
Funded by Saudi Arabia and The UAE .. Delivery of Agricultural Assistance to More Than 03 Thousand Farmers in Al-Shahr
Within the framework of emergency support to improve agricultural livelihoods, assistance was provided to the most needy farmers in the villages and countryside of Al-Shahr City, funded by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, and the implementation of FAO.
UAE Support Contributed in Return and lncrease of Fish Production in Hodeidah
The support of the brothers in the United Arab Emirates and through their humanitarian arm represented by the UAE Red Crescent for marinas and fishing establishments and the fishing of Hodeidah Governorate and the provision of advanced equipment to the fishermen of the West Coast have contributed to the return of fishermen from the province of Hudaydah And continuously and doubly support of the United Arab Emirates for the marinas and fishing establishments and the fisheries in the West Coast contribute to the rehabilitation of the fisheries sector in the cities and the directorates of the West Coast, and improve the level of living income For fishermen and their families and all workers in the marketing and export of fish.
Abu Dhabi’s Fund Confirms its Full Cooperation With Yemen
The minister of planning and international cooperation, Najib Auja met today with director general of Abu Dhabi Development fund Mohammed al-Suwaidi on the re-activation of the projects financed by the fund in Yemen put out a joint project to accommodate the priorities and needs of development, both near and far.
Disclosure of The Opening Date of al-Rayyan Airport in Hadramout and The Reason for The Delay in its Opening
The head of the General Authority of Civil Aviation in the capital Aden, Saleh Salim bin Nahid, disclosure the date of the opening the International Airport of Rayan in Mukalla, capital of Hadramout province, the largest provinces of the country.
KSrelief signs new assistance pactsfor Yemen worth over $6mln
King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has signed new agreements for assisting Yemen in social, health and water at a cost of more than $6 million.
UAE energy minister expects average oil price of $70 a barrel in 2019
ABU DHABI: UAE Energy Minister Suhail Al-Mazrouei said on Saturday he expects an average oil price of $70 a barrel in 2019 on the back of an agreement to cut output by OPEC and non-OPEC oil exporters.
UAE Red Crescent” Making Effectiveness of Festival to the Martyrs families, to Empower them Economically
The UAE Red Crescent established Festival effectiveness to the families of martyrs, and people of special needs under the slogan “1000 door of the livelihood” in order to enable them economically in small-scale projects.

Prime Minister Hails of UAE Efforts in Yemen
Prime Minister Dr. Moeen Abdulmalik received today UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation Reem al-Hashemi and her accompanying delegation.
Yemen, UN agree on linking Central Bank with canvas system
          Governor of the Central Bank of Yemen Dr. Mohammad Zimam discussed on Thursday with Deputy Director of United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Isabelle Durant possibilities of making use of the organization's experiments on improving financial system.

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