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Sport News
Yemen delegation leaves Riyadh for Umrah Riyadh\Hadhramaut\ - Saturday -22/Nov./2014 Yemen football team delegation, participated in the Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22” leaved Riyadh on Friday headed by Mr Hassan Bashanfar, Vice Chairman of Yemen football federation, to King Abdul Aziz international airport in Jeddah city to go to Mecca to perform Umrah. details
Decisive phase: Saudi history faces Yemen ambition Riyadh\Hadhramaut\ - Thursday -20Nov./2014 Competitions ended today (Wednesday) of Arabian Gulf Cup football tournament “Gulf Cup 22” where Saudi team faces Yemen the most developed in the tournament, Saudi needs a point to qualify but Yemen looks for a history and qualify to the next round.

Press conference for Saudi & Yemen coaches Republican decree appoints officials at Ministry of Youth and Sports The republican decree No. 79 for 2014 was issued on Monday assigning officials at the Ministry of Youth and Sports as follows;
The hand of solidarity to overcome Hadramout Club beat solidarity Hadramout handball team Ibb Union Club on Saturday morning in League clubs Darjhalawly organized by the General Federation of Handball 's lead to 28-21 in the lounge closed governorate of Ibb Shib Hadramout beat Al-tilal with three goals and maintains the first position Shib Hadramout stay at the top of standings Elite League General of the league first division clubs football for the sports season the current 2012/2013 . Al-shib raise tally it's Previous 14 points, with three points to become the 17 points. Having achieved on Monday a big win over Al-tilal team ,score three times in a row at a meeting held between the two teams on the playground ofBaradm Mukalla in the eighth round of the League ..

Al-tilal in the top of the league of basketball and the Shib Hadhramout in the second rank It continued on Friday evening in the closed Mukalla gym of Salim Awadh Bawazir , the first division games for the basketball elite clubs for season 2012/2013 and the establishment of two matches. The formation of a preparatory committee for the Association of Wadi Hadramout athletes It made in Wadi Hadramout the formation of a preparatory committee of the Assembly of athletes in Al-wadi . Where the meeting was held in the presence of a number of sports figures from a number of Hadramout directorates . And it headed by known coach  Saleh Ali bin Dager and Ghazi Ali Mahrous.
Today : Mukalla and Shib Hadramout in the first match of a basket elite
Embraces the gym of Khalf in Mukalla area (deceased lounge Salem Awadh Bawazir). This Friday , one of the matches on the second day of the first round of the role of Go in the league to first division clubs for season 2012/2013.
Shib Hadramout keep on top of the Elite League and continue to powerful performances ٍShib Hadramout still on its lead and offer to arrange the league elite General of the league first division clubs of football for the sports season the current 2012/2013 . This happen after raising its tally to 10 points after beating Al-atihad with score five goals against the three under gamesThe fourth round of the role of going from the league. Which was held between them the deceased Baradm Stadium Mukalla Monday afternoon.
Yemen Stars participate in the second Asian Championship tennis in Qater  The players of the national team of tennis . Bilal Al-huraibi and Aziz Mohammed , Fahmi Alwared . They paly in the Asia Championship (second championship) for tennis, which starts tomorrow in Qatar, and will continue until the 15th of this month. The Ministry of Youth and Sports recognizes a number of projects for 2013 The Council  Ministry of Youth and Sports approved in a meeting today chaired by the Minister Muammar Al-iryani , the project rehabilitation centers and develop the capacity of young people at the level of rural and remote areas as an alternative to summer centers . And presented to the Council of Ministers for approval and adoption.

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