Seiyun (Arabic) Mukalla (Arabic) Put here the freq. of both radio channels
Weather To know the weather in Yemen
Travels To learn flights major airports Hadhramout Governorate
Currency To learn the value of Yemeni Rial against foreign currencies
Telephone Code To identify the code phones in the cities of Hadhramout Governorate
Emergency No. To identify the numbers of emergency in the cities of Hadhramaut Governorate
What do you think of setting (18 years) minimum age for marriage ?

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Currency Conversion Currency Value
Dollar Amerika 199
Rial Saudi 50.27 SR
Yen 2
Dinar Kuwait 746.43
Rial Oman 516.43
Pound Mesir 37.116
Dirham UAE 54.137
Pound Syria 1
Ringgit Malaysia 61.269
Pound Libanon 0.1315
Rial Iran 0.02156
Dinar Bahrain 527.52
Rupiah Indonesia 0.47
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