Seiyun (Arabic) Mukalla (Arabic) Put here the freq. of both radio channels
Weather To know the weather in Yemen
Currency To learn the value of Yemeni Rial against foreign currencies
Telephone Code To identify the code phones in the cities of Hadhramout Governorate
Emergency No. To identify the numbers of emergency in the cities of Hadhramaut Governorate
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Emergency Emergency Name Emergency Number
Wadi directorates numbers
Police operations 403497/405670
Rescue police 199
Traffic 194
Fire brigade 191
Electricity numbers in Wadi diretorates
Sayoon 403444
Sayoon branch station 405011
Shibam 421130
Tareem 415222
Algatin 457444
Haridhah 507799
Water offices numbers in Wadi
Sayoon 402277 / 171
Shibam 421111
Tareem 415220
Qatin 458444
Haridhah 428400
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