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Yemen faces increasing water shortage being located in an arid or semi arid part of the world.  Demand for water to meet agriculture needs and food sufficiency and an expanded industrial base and urban and rural water connections have all exacerbated triggering the pressing need for pumping more water.  The increasing full awareness of the importance of sustainable development demands proper planning of poor water resources.  Water projects in Yemen are run by the public and private sectors.  Public sector institutions overseeing water resources and projects are the Ministries of Electricity and Water, Agriculture and Irrigation, the National Authority for Water and Sanitation, the Public Authority for Rural Water and Electrification and the Water Resources Public Authority.  The government has defined the mandate of each institution in their specific fields of water policy making, planning and water distribution in a bid to identify priorities on water usage most appropriately.  The Water Resources Public Authority has been entrusted to be the responsible agency for water resources policies and water protection from depletion or pollution.  The Public Authority for Rural Water and Electrification is the agency responsible for the implementation of rural water projects and water connections to deprived population settlements.