The royal Library in Mukalla [The Source: - ] The  Royal  Library The  Royal  Library
This Library is located downtown Mukalla.It has been established over the roof of Masjid  Omar in (1941) in the era of Sultan Saleh Bin Ghalib Al-Quaiti .The Sultan provided books , periodicals and references acquired from India and written in different foreign languages including Arabic to the library.After independence in (1967)  books and publications that were in “Al-jamahir” Library where added to the collection and subsequently changed its name from the Royal Library to the Public Library and then became popular. Later this library was under the supervision of the Yemeni Center for Research , cultural monuments and museums. After the Yemeni unity in (1990) it was put  under the supervision of the Office of the General Authority Of Antiquities and Museums  Mukalla Branch . Currently it contains more than twelve thousand books distributed in various aspects of science, knowledge, different areas.Manuscripts that were part of the library property have been transferred to Ahgaff Library in the  town of Tarim.