AL-Ghawizi Castle [The Source: - ] AL-Ghawizi Castle

Al-Ghawizi Castle is located in front of  the northeastern entrance of the  city of Mukalla.  It was  was  built on  a rock overlooking the valley and the road which lead  to the northeastern entrance to the town.It dates back to (1716) in the era of the Al-Kasadi sultans. It was built mainly to monitor  the military incursions coming from the direction of the North Especially those raids that were launched by the Al-Kathiri sultanate, which had taken Sayoon  as its Capital City.In ddition to  the raid  launched by  Alkaaiti sultanate, which had taken The City of Shiher as its Capital. Later when they seized  mukall City , they considered it the capital  instead of the initial capital Shiher.
The castle  consists of two floors  In addition building walls above the second floor but roof is open.It is 20 meters high.people go up through the boarding stairs up to the gate  erected in the north, with a wide (1.20 meters), which consists of local building materials and traditional architecture. Its building  foundations re of   precious decorative and undecorative stones and the rest of the building with milk mixture, and ceilings set up on palm trunks. Its walls foreign walls  has been recently painted with plaster.
The first floor consists of several rooms, the outside  walls has prisom-shaped windows  from all directions, and second floor windows are very wide. The surface of the castle is  surrounded by a barrier up to the height of (1.50 meters) on the surface level, and at a distance (30 meters) toward the north-east of the castle,there is a  tank of water reservoir was erected as a building, rises from ground level (1.20 meters) is surrounded by two water canals from both the southern and western directions built with stones . The purpose was to provide the Castle with  water.