Al-Rayyan International Airport is Preparing Tomorrow to Receive a Flight From Cairo [The Source: Mukalla/ Habshi - Tuesday 10 / Mar. / 2020]
Al-Rayyan International Airport is preparing for tomorrow, Tuesday, to receive the first flight coming from Cairo International Airport, weeks after the airport stopped working.

Regarding the Corona epidemic, Dr. Al-Jariri pointed out that the Corona Special Committee has started its work since the past weeks by implementing a number of practical measures in the ports of Mukalla and Al-Shahr and Al-Rayyan International Airport, which is preparing for tomorrow to receive a trip coming from Cairo, in addition to the urgent response team and the epidemiological surveillance to monitor and follow up the visit of all citizens coming to the directorates of the coast of Hadramout through the air, land and sea ports to their homes for a full period of two weeks to ensure their safety and conduct daily checks for them, and raise the daily reports to the operations room, and increase awareness and education of the epidemic through Issuing awareness leaflets and educational films and circulating them to the various media and social media in the governorate.