Hadhramaut, a Steady Pace of Work and Sustainable Projects, According to a Comprehensive Development Vision Launched by alBahssani Leader to Advance The Governorate [The Source: Mukalla/ - Saturday 21 / Dec. / 2019]
Hadramout governorate is witnessing these days continuous work and giant projects that are important to the citizen and came in accordance with the comprehensive development vision launched by Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsni, governor of Hadramout Governorate, commander of the second military region to advance Hadramout in various fields and make it a role model and a tribute to all its visitors and visitors and a point of Arab and external praise.

On the level of projects in the field of infrastructure, bridges, and roads, several agreements were signed to recover the dire situation in the roads and streets of the directorates of Hadramout governorate since the previous time periods and left them without any renewal or expansion and implementation of new projects in this aspect, until Hadrami leadership and empowerment in governance and administration and the liberation of the Hadramout coast from Terrorist groups and Hadrams take over the affairs and decision after years of marginalization and deprivation, and the Hadrami leadership represented by its governor and its leader Al-bahsini initiated the actual start and initiation of this renaissance and projects, where more than one giant bridge was approved and completed in a city Mukalla and Gail Bawazir and Shahar and Wadi Hadramout and thus contributing to the transfer of this sensitive and essential area in the life of the citizen and public movement and to witness a qualitative leap keep pace with congestion and traffic economic which is witnessing significant progress and movement of active private major cities, Alshahr Gail Bawazir and the city are bad.

On the educational side, the infrastructure of educational schools in the governorates directorates witnessed significant interventions, especially the restoration of schools and the construction of some of them and providing them with modern educational means such as scientific laboratories, computer laboratories and various sports activities halls to move the education sector a qualitative and distinguished shift between all the liberated governorates and making it an attractive educational model and a destination for the son of neighboring governorates and returning expatriates For the homeland, when they saw it and felt it with educational edifices, according to a plan adopted by the provincial leadership to improve the outputs and pay the students and students later abroad to benefit the quilt. Hadramout, benefit from their experience and foreign study, and benefit from the experience of neighboring and developed countries

On the health side, this vital and important sector witnessed a qualitative leap that strengthened the citizenís confidence in the health services provided, and the governorate hospitals and health and medical centers were provided with modern medical devices and equipment in addition to conducting and setting up many health campaigns according to the plans and programs carried out by the Health and Population Office of the coast and Wadi Hadramout, the health center, which has witnessed a decline, discontinuation and lack of supervision and follow-up during the past periods, to take over the affairs of Governor Al-Bahssini and announce in his first press conference after his appointment as governor of Hadramout For the province, which was announced in several items and plans.
The Hadramout governorate is witnessing a typical security stability situation that promoted living and coexistence in it and pushed a large number of investors to come to the province to establish their projects that will transfer Hadramout a shift and leap forward abroad, and these investments and expatriate investors came after the facilities and procedures facilitated by the leader Al-Hassan and creating them with all the conditions and capabilities in the province and coordination with the authorities The competent and the Tourism and Investment Administration, which prepared plans and programs to transfer the tourism and investment sector, which witnessed a great demand by Hadrami capital and investors from neighboring countries, as well as tourists who recovered from the two landmarks Raya in Hadramaut after a break for years due to the circumstances in which Hadramaut in particular and Yemen in general.

Hadramout, its leadership, and its citizens have the right to cherish such hard work and a purposeful vision that sails Hadramout and makes it a place and target for all expatriates to it and the external organizations returning strongly to Hadramout after they witnessed security stability and economic development and a comprehensive upgrading of infrastructure and state institutions and leadership represented by the Al-bahsanj commander who strengthened this aspect and to be Hadramout A model in various fields and sectors