President Hadi: We'll establish basic services that successive governments have failed to do for sixty years [The Source: SABA News Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Wednesday 04 / Jul. / 2018]
          President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi held a meeting Wednesday in the interim capital Aden included senior government's officials in the province of the Al-Dhale'a.

          Prime Minister Dr Amhed Obeid Bin-Dagher along with several ministers were in attendance.

          The meeting devoted to discus several topics about the situations in the province, mainly basic service and challenges need to be addressed.

          The President provided an overview about the latest developments, on top of all the ongoing military operations against Iran-backed Houthi militia and its Persian oriented scheme.

          After that the President touched upon the government's underway efforts aiming to re-normalize the situations and reinstate basic services. He said" We've started to carry out several projects aimed to provide basic services.

          President Hadi added" We're going to work along with our brethren to meet our peoples' needs of basic services of water, electricity, health, education and roads that all Yemeni successive governments have failed to establish for sixty years".

          Governor of Al-Dhale'a Maj. General Ali Moqbel Saleh talked about the efforts made by local authority to renormalize the situations and reinstate services, citing the most achievements and most pressing needs ought to be addressed urgently.