Balsam conducts 13 open heart surgeries in Hadhramout [The Source: SABA News Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Tuesday 05 / Jun. / 2018]
          A visiting Saudi medical team has conducted 13 open heart surgeries and 80 heart catheterizations in Mukalla during their visit to the provincial capital of Hadhramout.

          Emad Bukhari the executive of Al-Balsam International Organization which carried out the operations said that his team "diagnosed more than 300 heart patients from different Yemeni provinces.

          "We carried out 13 open heart operations, all of them were serious and complicated cases. And all of the surgical operations were crowned with success," he said.

          He said that 90% of the patients have returned to their houses and the rest will be discharged from the surgery center within a couple of days.

          Governor of Hadhramout said the acheivements of Al-Balsam team are worth praise and appreciation.