CBY convenes on monetary policy and banking [The Source: SABA News Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Wednesday 16 / May. / 2018]
           The Central Bank of Yemen, chaired by its governor Mohammed Zammam, convened a broad meeting on a number of issues related to monetary policy and banking.

           The meeting which brought together the governor's deputies and the managers of private banks, commerce chambers, money exchange business and other companies discussed the CBY's accomplished missions and future trends.

           Dr. Zammam reiterated the CBY's commitment to cover the finance of importing staple commodities such as wheat, rice, sugar, milk and cooking oil through letters of credit opened with official banks across the country as of the beginning of next June. That will be possible know thanks to the Saudi deposit of $ 2 billion.

           He said that they are coordinating with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance to pay the salaries of public employees to their bank accounts. He said that there is an improvement in the status of the Central Bank and the availability of cash. He said that soon the committee in charge of determining the price of the Yemeni Riyal exchange rate against the US dollar will soon assume its role and set a realistic exchange rate.