US confirms its continued support to the Central Bank of Yemen [The Source: SABA News Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Sunday 29 / Apr. / 2018]           The United States of America has confirmed its continued support to the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) to be a unified and an independent bank for all Yemenis.

          In a statement, the State Department praised the efforts made by the CBY's management to improve its capabilities and overcome the existing technical difficulties.

          The CBY governor Mohammad Zammam had concluded his consultations with the International Monetary Fund by meeting the IMF's Technical Assistance team which is in charge of assessing CBY's capabilities with the aim of designing a project to develop the CBY institutionally and make it keep pace with banking developments.

          Zammam pointed out that the United States is considered one of the main supporters for upgrading the capacity of the CBY.

          He pointed out that the US support and the technical and financial Saudi support, the latest of which was a $2 billion deposit, will help the bank implement its plans for recovering its legal and regulatory role.