Key Southern Yemen figures tell US ambassador they are open to dialogue [The Source: SABA News Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Monday 12 / Mar. / 2018]           Key leaders from south Yemen including those who want the south to eventually become an independent state have said that they are open to dialogue with all Yemeni stakeholders to arrive at a strategic resolution for the Issue of the South.

          In a meeting with the US ambassador to Yemen Matthew H. Tueller in Riyadh on Sunday, the chief of the Southern Movement faction that took part in the 2013-2014 National Dialogue) and presidential advisor Yaseen Makkawi recalled his movement's role in repelling the Houthi militia as it was invading the Yemeni capital Sana'a in late 2014 and moving southwards in early 2015.

          Makkkawi, the first vice president of the Higher Council for Revolutionary Activism for the Liberation and Independence of the South Fuad Rashid and the chief of the Legal Authority of the South Sheikh Hussein bin Shuayb praised the efforts of President Abd-Rabbu M. Hadi for re-normalizing life in the territories the government recaptured from Houthi rebels.

          They also praised Hadi's keenness to rebuild, with Arab Coalition support, the facilities that the rebel militia had destroyed.

          Makkawi called on the international community to live up to its humanitarian responsibility in assisting in the restoration of power, health, water, education and other basic services for the people of Yemen.

          They called for supporting the Central Bank of Yemen in Aden to ensure a regular payment of salaries to public servicemen.

          They also affirmed their cooperation with the government, the Arab Coalition and the whole international community in maintaining the international battle against terrorism in all its forms.

          Tueller, on his part, renewed his country's support for the efforts to advance Yemen stability and for the Southern Movement's efforts top hold a southern-southerndialogueto, at the end, convene a conference that brings together all components of the south of Yemen without exception.