Academic cooperation between Aden and Abdulaziz Universities [The Source: SABA News Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Sunday 04 / Mar. / 2018]           An academic meeting held Sunday at Abdulaziz University in Saudi city of Jeddah included the Rector of Aden University Dr Alkhadher Nasser Lassor and Director of Abdulaziz University Dr Abdurahman bin Obeid Al-Youbi.

          The meeting, which is the first of its kind, aimed to increase educational cooperation between the two academic institutions.

          Dr Lassor gave brief word on Aden University, highlighted its need to establish cooperation with the well-establish Abdulaziz University. He also cited the grave damage Aden University suffered due to Iran-backed Houth war on Aden.

          Dr Lassor stated that Aden University seeks to enter into memo of understanding with Abdulaziz University in order to exchange expertise and good quality education standards.

          Dr Al-Youbi expressed his willingness to fully cooperate with Aden University and other Yemeni academic institutions.