Under the Guidance of Mohammed bin Zayed: the UAE Committee Overview of Hadhramout Needs of Electrical Energy [The Source: Mukalla\\Ali Al-jifri photos: Abdelrahman Bahbara - Saturday 03/02/2018]
The UAE Committee of a special study and promotion of electrical energy conditions held in the Governorate of Hadhramaut of Yemen yesterday in the city of Al-mukalla of expanded first meeting with general Faraj Al-bahsni Hadhramout governor and officials of the electric power sector in directorates of coast and valley in Hadhramout province to study the conditions of energy in the province and implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-nhyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the armed forces by providing all the necessary support to provide energy.
During the meeting, which was attended by the team of the UAE Red Crescent working in the Governorate to discuss the situation of province electrical energy and its current plans, and available suggestions to the stakeholders of the Governorate to develop that power so it can cover throughout the year.

The UAE Committee heard to the explanation of general Faraj Al-bahsni about the highlights of the most important problems , difficulties and obstructions which beset by electricity coast and valley of Hadhramout, and ways, means proposed to develop methods of obtaining electrical energy, till they can cover the needs.

The governor Al-bahsni expressed deep thanks and gratitude to the UAE for its support of the province in the aspect of security and infrastructure building and rehabilitation in order to normalize life in the province of Hadhramout to alleviate the suffering of its citizens in these difficult circumstances which they live.

Officials gave the electric power sector in the Governorate of their proposals and their plans to develop the electric power to cover energy needs in the province..reviewing the current situation of electricity in directorates of the coast and valley of Hadhramout province in terms of generating capacity and infrastructure of it and what is being done to confront the deficit in electrical energy.

The UAE Committee commended for the governor of the province efforts and the electricity sector staff on responding to the difficult conditions experienced by the country under the weak of capacity and resource scarcity.