A cultural symposium to commemorate the deceased artist Abu Bakr Salem Balafqia [The Source: Mukalla\\Writing: Saleh al-Hindawan - Saturday 03/02/2018] The local authority and the office of the Ministry of Culture held a cultural symposium in the Valley on Tuesday 23/1/2018. A cultural symposium was held in the ceremony of the artist Abu Bakr Salem Balafkia in the auditorium of Ali Bakthir at the Ministry of Culture office in the presence of Minister of Culture
Marwan Damaj
Director General of the Office of the Ministry of Culture in Wadi Hadramout Mr. Ahmed bin Dweis during the speech of the Preparatory Committee for the memorial ceremony welcomed the Minister of Culture and Assistant Undersecretaries and participants in the cultural symposium, noting that the auditorium Bakthir, which hosts the cultural symposium bears the name of a flag of literature and culture, In the commemoration of the deceased
 The symposium witnessed the presentation of papers to researchers in the historical, artistic and literary themes of the deceased Balfkia and a telephone intervention by the researcher Jabir Ali Ahmed. The seminar was attended by 8 of the literature, criticism and art in literary, literary and analytical readings in the melody, poetry and culture of Belfqia
 The ceremony will be held on Wednesday, the closing ceremony of the funeral of the deceased Abu Bakr Salem Balafkia at the skilled room in Trim at nine thirty in the morning
 The seminar was attended by Assistant Undersecretary of the Governorate of Hadramout, Assistant Director for the Governorates of the Valley and the Sahara, Eng
Hisham Al Saidi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Directorates of the Wadi and Sahara, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Worship Festival, Mr. Abdul Hadi Al Tamimi, Directors General of Executive Offices and Directorates