Arab Coalition rejects escalation in Aden, calls factions for liberating provinces [The Source: SABA News Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Saturday 27 / Jan. / 2018]           Saudi- led Arab Coalition for supporting legitimacy in Yemen has urged different Yemeni factions for honest work with the Coalition for liberating all Yemeni territories.

          The Coalition for Supporting Legality in Yemen is following up all recent incidents in the Yemeni Transitional Capital of Aden and media debate over some public demands for addressing some faults in the government sector and calls all Yemeni social and political factions for calm and restraint and maintaining dialogue, said the coalition in a release issued on Saturday.

          It also confirms that Yemenis, with their different national and political trends, should direct huge joint work with the coalition for liberating all Yemeni areas and beating Iran- backed Houthi militia and putting an end to their monopoly of Yemeni resources and their lives.

          The coalition confirmed that Yemeni should not allow their enemies to rift Yemeni front and taking them away of their main battle of regaining the state and its institutions.