The Governor “Al-bahsni” discuss the judgicial situation and overlooking on workflow of the persecution and courts [The Source: Mukalla\\Special - Tuesday 09 / Jan. / 2018]
The governor of Hadhramout province and second military region commander, general Faraj Salmin Al-bahsni discussed in his office this morning the situation of the judges and working in the prosecution offices and courts in the Governorate with the chairman of appeal court in Hadhramout, judge- Hashim Abdulla Al-jifri and resumption persecution chairman, judge Salem Abdoun.
Meeting addressed the deficiencies in processing of Appeal court of necessary requirements to facilitate its work and enable employees to carry out their tasks in service of the citizens and be quickly end their different cases ,with enhanced security procedures and provide the necessary protection for all judicial facilities, judges in the Governorate.

The meeting also addressed the difficulties that facing workflow in courts, prosecution Services in directorates, Al-dees Eastern ,Gail Bowazeer , Haridha, Do’an, Hajer to activate and re-do the work on it.

The governor Al-bahsni directive to overcome all the difficulties that impede the workflow in the courts of the offices in province and provide the necessary support to complete the processing of their re-work, confirming that the local authority in the Governorate took the judge a great attention due to the importance of this sector and its substantial role in the service of citizens and quickly end their cases, after damage on its asset during the past years.
The meeting was attended by Director General of the legal office affairs in Hadhramout coast, Abdullah Al-hamoumi, and the adviser of the governor for legal affairs, lawyer Najeeb Khanbish,and governor delegate for follow-up and communication affairs with judicial authorities, Dr. Hisham Ali Al- jabr