UN report should have been further verified, AL spokesman says [The Source: SABA News Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Monday 09 / Oct. / 2017]          Ahmed Afeefi, the spokesman of the Arab League Secretary General, said that the UN report which blacklisted the Arab Coalition in regards to children deaths should have been further verified. The UN report issued was under the title "Children and Armed Conflict."

         In a press statement, he said, "with full appreciation of the importance of report for it covers the violations of children it should have been further verified."

         "The complications of the Yemeni context make it so important to refer to government as a prime source for information in this regard (of violations)," he said.

         "The sharp deterioration in the humanitarian situations of the Yemeni people requires practical steps to be taken to address these situations in the soonest possible. A main element in the move should be the initiation of a sound constructive dialogue between the international community and the government along with its allies.

         He noted that the Arab Coalition's enormous efforts in recent years "to alleviate the hard conditions of the Yemeni people should not be underestimated." He cited the activity of "King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid in the field of child protection from the armed conflict, ending children's suffering and rehabilitating child soldiers."