Minister of Culture, GAA discuss re-importing of smuggled relics [The Source: YEMEN TIMES Online \ Saleh Ahmed - Monday 11 / Sep. / 2017]           Minister of Culture Marwan Dammaj and the chief of the General Authority for Antiquities (GAA) addressed in a meeting on Monday the arrangements for re-importing some relics that had been illegally smuggled out of Yemen but seized by the Swiss Authorities in 2013.

          The meeting reviewed the Swiss police report on the Yemeni relics, five pieces dating back to the third century BC. The relics have inscriptions that narrate how life looked like in ages that precede the advent of Islam.

          The Swiss authorities say the pieces are in a good condition.

          Dammaj made a phone call to Yemen's ambassador in Geneva on the arrangements for conserving the pieces and the preparations for getting them back from the Swiss authorities via the UNESCO.