UAE Red Crescent ” Sign a Convention on Implementation the Water Project Network in Al-ausbah and Asom directorate in Hadhramaut [The Source: MUKALLA/ Ali Al-jifri photography: Ahmed Banafa - Monday 04/09/2017]
UAE Red Crescent signed a implementation Convention of Al-ausbah and Asom water project network in Al-somme directorate- Hadramout, Yemen
The Convention provides for the implementation of the extensions of fossils linking the wells with water tank in the area and rehabilitation of internal networks and the installation of pumping stations and establishment of water networks to side of the processing sites of the pumping stations and reservoirs.

Dr. Ahmed Al- neyadi, head of the the UAE Red Crescent team in Hadhramaut following the Convention – which was attended signature ,Saleem Saeed Ba-shamkha, General director of Al- Somme directorate and project manager Saeed Awadh Ba-hmeesh and Awadh bin Mohammed bin Gaflah rep area – the importance of starting this project, which was of the utmost importance in providing drinking water to the citizens.

And he stressed that the agreement comes within the framework of providing better services within the development and infrastructure projects, explaining that the Commission adopt an integrated plan for the implementation of projects related to the projects-water, health, education and infrastructure on several stages ..he said that infrastructure projects come within the priorities of the red crescent to restore life to normal and it was before the crisis in the region.

He added that the project will significantly contribute in improving the conditions of people of the region and stability of villages population in their homelands and not to drain them as well as maintaining the health of the people and overcome the problem of water scarcity and provide adequate amounts of them in the regions and beneficiary villages.

Al- neyadi drew sought of the authority to actively solve the problems of water shortage and scarcity in the desert of Hadhramaut as the most a region of alluding to what is seen in the desert of Hadramawt from severe drought over the last few years didn’t pass out a long time ago.

He stressed that the problem of water shortage is the largest problem faced by the people of desert areas, so the authority was keen on the implementation of this important project to provide drinking water, irrigation, and on the people hardship to get water through water projects growing.

On his part, General Director of Al-somme directorate its thanks to the UAE leadership, government and people on its projects to support the infrastructure and service alegation .. noted the efforts of the UAE Red Crescent Authority’s efforts to implement vital projects to alleviate suffering of the citizens, on desert line.