Seiyun-evaluate the cultural week to commemorate the novelist Bakathir [The Source: \ Saleh Ahmed - Tuesday 17 / Jan. / 2017]          Seiyun city has lived events of cultural week to commemorate the novelist Bakathir, which is organized by the ministry of culture - valley and desert of hadhramaut, sponsored by local authority.

         During activities was presented photo gallery expressing the literary value of the historian, writer and novelist Bakathir.

         During Speech of the ceremony, Mr. Essam Al Kathiri - undersecretary hadhramaut for valley and desert districts he said:” This activity aims to Knowing our generations the main role of hadhramaut people at the dissemination of science, culture and raise the name of Yemen in various Arab and international forums”.

         He also said:” The local authority seeks to collect all materials at library to be a reference for our generations”.
         And was held a literary symposium included literary papers, an eloquent poetry, and some of critical studies of academic literary.